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February 25,2019
Password protection enhancement on MyArtClub.Com

Since MyArtClub.Com does not store any credit card information on our site, there seemed little reason to worry about hackers hacking in to our site. Except for one item. Your password.

If your password behaviour is the same as about 80% of the population, you have used the same password on more than one site. This allows hackers to extract data from sites such as ours and use your email address and password combination to attempt to log into sites with more financial gain or to take over your email account or to discover more data that can be used for identity fraud.

Therefore MyArtClub.Com now encrypts your artist password and no longer shows it to anyone. From now on we cannot tell you what your current password is. This is to protect you at other internet sites where protection of your password is very important. Think of your passwords for your bank accounts for instance. Many people are using the same passwords everywhere. Or they may use simple variations of the same passwords.

This is not that we worry about your website being hacked and changed without your consent. We never have had that occur. You can call us if you ever suspect some issue like that. However, if you have used your password on multiple sites, we would encourage you to change it to something different in all those locations, including MyArtClub.Com.

What follows below are instructions to use on MyArtClub.Com for Forgotten Passwords and Resetting a Password. We also include general information on Best Practices for passwords.

Forgotten passwords

If you do forget your password, we will email you a new one from the site.  

There are two screens where you login.

At the MyArtClub.Com Home page, shown below enter your email at arrow 1 and press the words “forgot my password” at arrow 2

1 pwd


Our dedicated login screen below is accessed by clicking on Login (arrow 3) at top right of all screens

Enter your email (arrow 4) and click on Send (arrow 5)

2 pwd


A new temporary password will be sent to your email. Use that to login to your site. Note that the password is case sensitive so you must use Capital Letters if that is what is sent to you. You can continue to use this new password or reset it to one of your own choice.


Resetting your password

To reset your password after logging in, select Manage Your Account as per this screen, (arrow 6)

3 pwd


Next choose “Change your password” (arrow 7)

4 pwd


Next, enter your current password i.e. the one that was just sent to you if you used the Forgot Password routine. (arrow 8)

Then, enter your new password twice (arrow 9)

The click on the New Password button at bottom (arrow 10)

5 pwd


If you have trouble resetting your password, you can ask [email protected] for assistance.

Password Best Practices

Be vigilant.

Do not to give your passwords out to anyone inquiring, nor enter them on any screen you do not seek out yourself.

More information on password best practices here.

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