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December 31,2012
Tagging your artist blog on MyArtClub
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You have created your new artist blog post, and emailed it out to your audience. So you are done, right?

Not so fast! One useful and important last step remains, to tag and categorize your blog.

What are tags and categories? Categories are like big buckets for classifying what your blog posts are about, whereas tags are ways of labeling and identifying characteristics about the each art marketing post.

Tags and Categories

Why? Using tags and categories your artist blog makes it easier for visitors to sift through your posts, to find relevant content. The more you write, the more content to sift through, the more you need categories and tags

As an art marketer, you want your content to be more easily found by visitors. Search engines like categories and tags as they help search engines to rank the blog against the search terms.

What words should you use for your category or tag? Generally try to think how a reader or search engine might best find the core idea of your blog, the category, and apply specific tags, the sub-category, that would assist to find related posts.

Please don't go crazy; too many tags can confuse your readers. Try using a tag name that people might be searching for. Be consistent with the tags you use, don't create too many different tags, especially if they are close in meaning to each other.

How do you add a category or tag? An artist blog on MyArtClub provides bloggers the use of tags and categories. The exact tags and categories you may want to use are fully customizable on MyArtClub.Com.

First, as shown below, in your blog menu, showing your log entries, click on the word tag on the left of the blog to be addressed.

Tag your blog

Then, either chose an existing tag to add to your blog, or create a new one to identify what the blog is about.

Create a blog tag

Now your blogs can be categorized by readers, and by search engines in a way you want them to be thought of. If you later want to delete a category or tag, perhaps to re-organize, you can do that too, just click on the word delete where the entered categories or tags are displayed.

What is the category of most interest to your readers? Do you find our categories work for you, or would you be looking for a category or tag we are not providing?

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