November 15,2014
MyArtClub Rebuilds For New Capabilities

MyArtClub.Com has added exciting new capabilities designed to enhance key artist website needs of today: simplicity, control and mobility.

What has happened?

We have changed our underlying software to provide the latest version of browser support called html5, which means basically we have re-written our entire code in order to add new capabilities.

Since this is a major “re-do” of the site software, we have done a lot of testing. However, some bugs may have slipped by us, so please report anything you see that seems odd or not functioning properly.

What you will notice right away:

Firstly, your website should not appear much differently, than it did before the change. We have kept the existing templates using the old version of software so as not to break what you are currently displaying.

  • One change is that text fonts, colours and backgrounds on artist pages, studio or gallery pages, art pages and blog pages will be the consistent across your site.

Secondly, after you login, there are several changes:

  • A new text editor! Gone are the days of having to know codes to format correctly.
    • The new text editor appears as a menu bar above each text entry box. You can now enter text the way you want it to look, and the system renders that look to your web page. An easy way to add links is included.
  • A new menu section called “SITE” is added to the top navigation choices
    • The “SITE” menu is your website control panel. It consolidates things you do when you start up that affect the way the site is structured:
      • select templates,
      • choose fonts
      • set colours
      • turn on / off features such as blogs, studios, ecommerce, social media etc.
    • Colours selection for artist, art and blog pages and links has been simplified to one location. This ensures colours are consistent throughout your site, reducing chance of white links on white background and other similar errors.
      • The number of colours you can select from has expanded. Once you move to a broader level of choice, you stay with that level to ensure colour consistency.
    • Premium sites can select from hundreds of new fonts provided by Google.
    • A new preview function allows you to see what your site looks like using a different template
  • A new Help function. This is still under construction, but we have moved to a commonly used approach that enables page specific help, easier updating, and search capability for specific help references.

What’s coming in the future?

Customized personal websites

Customized personal websites are now possible. We are very excited that we now have the capability to customize your website’s style (known as CSS). This means if you work with any internet designer, they can create a style that is uniquely your own, right here.

We are working with a few artists using this customizing capability to create new templates. If you would be interested in helping us create new templates, we would be pleased to hear from you.

As time progresses we will use the new capability to move all your existing templates to this new CSS format.

Mobile sites can now be supported

Our new CSS based software will automatically detects the screen size, and render an appropriate mobility experience. This means if your visitor is on a smartphone, they will soon see your site shaped to their screen automatically.

Soon the need for adding “/m” to your web address will be gone! Some of you may be aware that adding “/m” to your web address, as in renders a website today that is shaped and designed for easier use on a smartphone. We intend to do away with the need to add “/m”, with this new CSS based software.

Stay tuned, we will advise when this mobile site is operational.

For 14 years we have been delighted to help artists and art groups build websites that meet their needs easily and economically and trust this new direction will take your website to a new level.

Please let us know of any issues that arise, and how you find our new arrangements.

Thanks for being with MyArtClub.Com

Cam Anderson and Peter Newell,
Webmasters of MyArtClub.Com

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