March 04,2013
Great gift idea and deal for your spring customers

Here is a great art marketing idea, and at a special discount for clients, with added savings for you too. Give your customers something to show off your art.

We have been approached by Lisa Stevens at who has both an interesting product for you, and a wonderful introductory special offer (see below).

Image of my skoobi

The product is customizable notebooks. Order here

We ordered one to check it out. It came quickly, and was impressive. Basically this product allows you to custom create a cover, front and back of a soft covered notebook. My Skoobi notebooks are finished with a glossy laminate: they look wonderful and can be easily wiped off. The covers are 4 colour 10 point Carolina Card Stock, Coated 1 side, SFI certified, with Gloss Lamination.

When you order, each book can feature different art, or you can vary the quantity, for each design, you decide. The total books per order is what affects the price.

Artists can benefit by having your art on display, everywhere that notebooks go. Notebooks are used, so they get shown off to lots of folks. Use as a gift, or mark the price up, and sell for a profit! You can put your website name or QR code on the cover, and bring new clients who like the notebook to your website. It is both a very low cost way for customers to be thanked and a very low cost product you can sell. Perfect for art marketing.

Your customers benefit by having a way to show off the art work they just bought, anywhere they travel! They're perfect for school, work, or home. Making them is fast and affordable. Professional printing means sharp images and accurate colours. There is no minimum or maximum order quantity. Prices start at just $6, so you can resell for profit. The perfect binding is beautiful and durable. No staples!

The idea for the notebook business came from wanting to help schools raise money. Instead of buying junk food and books of coupons that are never redeemed, the founders of MySkoobi thought it would be smarter and more fun to sell something useful that students could help to create, and that would last a long time. Skoobi is iBooks backwards.

Here is what some in the arts world have said:

"I wanted to thank you again for the remarkable print quality, fast turnaround time, and friendly service. I sold 11 in one day, and heard frequent positive feedback from customers, like, 'What a great idea', 'Look at the colours', and 'Cool!' I can't wait to put in my next order. :)"

- - Alexandra Hunter, Visual Artist

We were very pleased with the quality and colour of the reproduction of the children's artwork on the books - and the fast turnaround! We will definitely be getting more books printed in the future! Right from the very start, with our first conversation, you were more than generous with your support - whether it was with your time or your product!!! You have a wonderful business, on so many levels and we wish you all the best!! Looking forward to the next time our paths cross!! - - ArtsREACH

So please check it out, and try an order today. Some helpful design tips are on this video.

Or read the FAQ here , it nicely answers every question I could think of!

The deal:

For orders of less than 20 notebooks, the cost is $6 per 6"x9" notebook and $7 per 8 " x 11" notebook. If there are 20 or more notebooks in your order, the cost per book drops by $1 each. If there are 60 or more books in your order, the cost per book drops by $2 each.

If you insert our special coupon code, MYARTCLUB1 (All caps, no spaces) into your order, you will get 25% off any order of up to 19 books. They can be any mix of trim size, interior, and art, as long as there are less than 20 books in the order. Hurry! this introductory special expires at the end of March 2013.

Order here Try it out, and let us know how it goes!

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